Not much visits lately…

December 5, 2007

Sorry for some people of Cp.

I couldn’t sign in.

I gave up on this blog.

Too much spam.

Very few visit the site.

I rarely play Club Penguin.

I dont know if I’ll come back.

If anyone commented earlier… I am very sorry if I didnt reply.

If anyone reads this, which i kind of doubt…

Have fun playing Club Penguin… Because i did too.

As penguins say, Waddle On!



September 30, 2007

Sup penguins… Sorry i have been gone for half of a month, And sorry to everyone who commented and wanted me to comment back. I dont know if im leaving or staying… but ill be back for a few days at least. And im also looking for someone to help out this site, because currently its just been me. So if your interested in being a Contributer, Editor, Or Any of the other spots just let me know in a comment. (Yes, i might let someone be a Admin too.)

And if anyone cant figure this out: The lollipop can be found after buying all the items. And theres a new pin in the snowforts.

Rockhopper’s back!!!

September 14, 2007

Rockhoppers back, and his free item is the eyepatch! But i already have one from when I first met him! At least the furniture items he came with are awesome. The new pin is in the Ski Lodge.

What happened in school yesterday…

September 12, 2007

As you probably know that yesterday was the anniversary of the 911, which was thought to be a terrorist attack.

And today at our school the fire alarm went off, and it wasnt a drill. None of the students really know what happened but I was sure that i heard water coming from firefighters hoses(the firefighters did come). So we skipped class for about an hour, and then it was safe to go back in. So that was what happened today.

And in Cp news, Rcokhoppers coming back to Cp on sept. 14!

Random Poll!

September 10, 2007
Whats your favorite thing related to Club Penguin?
Just hangin’ out with my friends.
Talking Penguins!
New stuff.
Language Arts Class.
Buying stuff. free polls

My new army!

September 8, 2007

I have now created a new army!

And here is another one of my blogs that i hardly update:

New stuff

September 7, 2007

Theres a new clothing catalog tommorow, and one of the boxes that Rockhopper left can be opened by clicking on it, also a poll for deciding what the new name for ballistic biscuit should be in the newspaper.